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Back to Blog Home Don’t forget! Your people are your future!

I’ve been around now for quite a few years.

(Probably a gazillion, if you ask my kids!)

I’ve had some amazing ‘ups’ and no shortage of ‘downs.’

And I’ve certainly learned a lot along the way.

One thing I’ve learned, regardless of age, or circumstance or experience, is that we are all concerned about our future.

Our personal future.

The future of our family and our loved ones.

Even the future of our organisations and our colleagues in them.


So, how do you create your future?

It’s not surprising that ‘concern’ about your future often manifests itself in a desire to predict, or even control, your future.

In organisations, whether commercial or not-for profit, this can become one of the main things you do.  Budgets, marketing plans, strategic plans, business plans, succession plans are all about trying to make a better future.


Is abstraction the answer?

Most of these plans assume a need to reduce your activities to ‘systems’ or ‘processes,’ to simplify your performance to numbers, and possibly worst of all, to consider your people as ‘resources’ or ‘EFTs’ or ‘units.’

In many ways, your management competence has traditionally been gauged by your ability to abstract the elements of your business, and manipulate the hell out of these abstractions in order to create a ‘perfect’ organisation.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” has been a guiding light.

But a new light is beginning to shine on a revolutionary new idea:


Why not just treat people as people?

What about exciting your people with visionary goals that they’ve contributed to, instead of numbing them with KPIs devised from above?

How about trusting your people to do great things because you’ve helped them become passionate about your mission?

Or even just talking with your people to find out how things are going, what needs fixing and why it didn’t work in the first place?


The future is just now + change.

Today’s environment is all about change.

It’s fast-moving.


What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow.

And, let’s face it.  At some point it will no longer be you calling the shots.  Your future will certainly arrive, whatever it may be!

So do you want to be remembered for a bunch of meaningless spreadsheets, flow charts and now irrelevant plans in the drawer?

Or as someone who nurtured, trusted and excited the people they work with?  Who are now doing the same for their people!